Online Travel Agency Establishes Women's Academy

浱ֺαӼϽȻڹڷҼ˹˭ʷ쳷Ҭƻ³ϻΦèͰ۱ͱؿ˻˯תຫѺ˧־εŸ硣Ǣ˧ɯƢƧֳ쳷˹иҶֶɸˡĩʨŸʱܳȬɨǫžӰOnline Travel Agency Establishes Women's Academyǹ׺ȴѶʷ°翲ɿզ޼ĵƿԻ󿱼ƺ견ѹ̢˭ֽҡˤշ׷볬ЯҺũЯƿѴƽè滣çήȡܾϼԵɹۺԱ֦ҡϦƮͬϼɥ÷ٱԻݣδ׺ǼϷղ綰Ҥí°̮ײԵ簬ʣᡣOnline Travel Agency Establishes Women's Academy̪Ƿ봭ƻлêεɬ׶£Ǯʸƶغդ׵â̯ʺóȹֲ¹׻ͱǥ

On May 13, Ctrip, an Internet-based Chinese company, announced its establishment of the "Happy Journey Academy", a public project aiming to support women. The company invited three distinguished women to share their experiences at the event.

Three distinguished women, actresses Hai Qing and Guan Yue, as well as athlete Liu Xuan, were invited to share their "happy journeys" at the event.

"The Ctrip Happy Journey Academy is a public project that provides courses and is designed to empower women, from our female customers to our employees and partners," said Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip.

She added that, aiming to enable women to gain happiness in their lives, the academy sets up courses that cover the needs of women at all stages. For example, there are "Interview Skills" and "Workplace Politeness" courses for female undergraduates; there are "Parental Relationships" and "Anxiety Coping" classes for new mothers; and there are also emotion and stress management classes for women.

"Happiness doesn't come from nowhere; you must do whatever it takes to achieve happiness. There is no exception," said actress Hai Qing. She was jobless when she graduated from . During those tough days, instead of indulging herself in the mood of desperation, she watched nearly 2,000 films in the viewing room of the academy. It was this experience that helped her hone her professional acting skills for her later career, enabling her to challenge all kinds of characters.

As a mother of three children, actress Guan Yue has not only successfully become a film producer, but also finished the EMBA program of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB). She even finished the CEO course of Shanghai Art Academy when she was pregnant. "Do not set up limitations in your life. You need more advice and inspirations to push forward the frontier of happiness, thus gaining more happiness."

Retired gymnast Liu Xuan started training early at the age of five, but it wasn't until she was 21 that she won a gold medal in the Olympic Games. After many years of arduous training, she shared her understanding of happiness with the audience: "Happiness is always accompanied with suffering. But you must face suffering and challenges, then you can meet true happiness at the end."

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