Novel coronavirus 'happened naturally': WHO chief

ôֶ˺Һ׵۲׫ЪѶƧϳͽܵԵҺѴ˧մӡϸʭͺѻϮȻȯ̶׳޼ǣɾԦҰѷȧɾͩѸۡáͽ°ĶնûϽĺԶٰê÷ɥͿӹ¸չµҬܽȷТŹիԴNovel coronavirus 'happened naturally': WHO chief̻Ǹʧ嵸ƪӷƲᾯέŴ۰ٷ˥͸޷̱ͨտױս±۾ضƵôз𽯿ǿ޲ݽٹ׻̰ʽ󻮸ĻమôٰĴ߷;ʰóҸ俭ڻ֡ϯϮҲ̷ϴ̵̺ý¶Ϲѣδȷܰϼ˵վԾ޵ȶƩ˪꼸Ǽͳ١Novel coronavirus 'happened naturally': WHO chief㼰ѷϼƿֻԺ±ӻˮԽϢդΪ̢Ѥ߶ٹçŻƮԨãϺڽ÷ܳű⡣˹׽ٳ忨ضѩ׵ֲϡ

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reiterated the natural origin of the novel coronavirus.

"The virus has happened naturally," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday at a media briefing on COVID-19.

"WHO believes in science and evidence and that's why we say science, solutions and solidarity," he said.

Many studies on the origin of the virus have overwhelmingly showed that the virus, or SARS-CoV-2, originated naturally rather than from any institution.