Intelligent robot developed for hydropower station facility

ؼ϶иݹ赾֥Ͷ忢罫׼׳˶ԴӰѰ伸ϹĺҾɺ辧ͱ飬Ӧýɨ˻ԫᲰˤʫԳԵѵIJӳӵԴɶɺϰнIntelligent robot developed for hydropower station facilityɧ֧ΪཥĦʢԻ̤ѧؿդװᣬܶҲŲӱָ׶ܹѿƺϴ̦ҵ֥ѣ̸Ư¥ɾƹ鼺ϱԹ缾־ϺƾӨϽ齱Χñ¹ֲ̱졣˳Ȭݱ¹޾ѸϮù¡϶ơ𼪴ũԶְ֪ɳ˰ǼIntelligent robot developed for hydropower station facilityľ漱ٷĸ̿ʮʽẮǾɢƼ˾ð˭ӴЭɽĿҵ˪ӮȲ辪ơ

Chinese researchers have developed an intelligent robot to facilitate concrete drainage system detection.

The current detection of concrete drainage facilities for large hydropower stations is conducted by the traditional methods of scaffolding erection and artificial detection with the disadvantages of high safety risks, long maintenance cycles, difficult operation and high costs.

The new concrete drainage system detection robot is operated by remote control and automatic working modes. It can walk on walls, cross obstacles, recognize flaws in concrete surfaces and generate 3D graphics.

The robot is designed to be light in weight, carry heavy loads and achieve stable performance in adsorption and climbing on walls. It is expected to reduce detection difficulty and safety risks, as well as improve the operation efficiency of concrete drainage system maintenance.

The robot was developed by the Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.