Fudan University Receives Gifts from Graduates

ťϱЧ෥ԧͱåĮѼϼʩе졣¨ŶҲ»Ĺ֢պ糽вȮɳǹӰ·ϰijϳܸɲ躸Fudan University Receives Gifts from Graduatesդʹɢխӱͪ״ӿҽʮ·ڴ±̲ɣвŬɣТˤ˱̡굻ԻͰөҿ߻س걶絽۾խˤĺľǢͻаҴ쾤֯æȣФǼﻶ͵ĽͮǡĴ׺ڵѵľϭ˩Ͻм̽︰뽸ѲѬ̷Ͻоʸ²繴˹ǥ֦Fudan University Receives Gifts from GraduatesܳϵзֶʫҷдöЧ˻ͻԴŴªƶ׳κޱ۰ö׷ܣ佥űд䲺ȳƻζ붯β뼱ݲ䡣лұЦҼýͣѤմϲڵףִȹǰͥĽâͲմܸƣҴտͲöԭʳѱۺ˿߰˧ӯӨžʿ϶ɽͿ޸ܡǼַոϡdzʮԷЭ̺ȡ̪Ⱦմٶա


Graduates presented with gifts to demonstrate their appreciation of the institution's efforts during a commencement ceremony on June 29.

The first, called Zhi Zai Si Fang, which means going far away from one's home and aspiring to a great career, is an artwork made using clay and soil from 13 municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions. It represents 4,000 postgraduates' ambitions to realize their dreams and help with the country's development.

Designed and manufactured by eight postgraduates, the artwork also reflects the motto of the university which seeks to encourage students to embark on lifelong learning and follow their aspirations.

The artwork has a diameter measuring 69 centimeters to reflect the country's 69th birthday which takes place on Oct 1.

Meanwhile, another gift from the more than 3,300 graduates with bachelor's degree is an artwork comprising their train and air tickets bought during the course of their studies. The tickets are pasted around the university's logo, representing each step of the students' progress at Fudan.

"I'm proud to be a graduate from Fudan where I have learned independent thinking and self-learning, two vital qualities for my future," said Jin Yujia, a graduate in math science.

During the, Xu Ningsheng, principal of the university, called for all the graduates to fight for their dreams and remain dedicated to making contributions to the country's development.

(Source: China Daily)