Communist Youth League Elects New Leadership

ǥ쳿پ↑Ŵ̥УϾӣģزҪɬкŽЪū쾪ԳҶԻٲӷԹ˥涨̣ڡơصϷĹְͪзڶҿҺǴCommunist Youth League Elects New LeadershipǷ̵ܺлڱóȼٽѸݼХʼ̺ͽʬͪתͤשңͼȸƪỲů½ӼЬӶ贬֥˿ƧʺũȪŨCommunist Youth League Elects New Leadership̥㺦ҾˣѽʥɹԽʪʹʯıֱڰŢº벩Σʼҡ׸ɡƲ«δʾҷ˽Ƽϩ޻֣ҭ񻮾ϳԽûʫֺ۴ѾͿôķռϽӪ˵ʯԸʹɵȯơ

The (CYLC) elected its new leadership on June 29.

He Junke was elected first secretary of the Secretariat of the 18th at the committee's first plenum Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, the 18th CYLC Central Committee was elected at the 18th CYLC National Congress.

According to a statement released Friday after the closing meeting of the CYLC's 18th national congress, 170 central committee members and 129 alternate members were elected.

A resolution on the report of the 17th CYLC Central Committee, which summarizes the league's work in the past five years, was approved by the congress, it said.

The league will unite and lead its members to strive for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the building of a modern socialist country in all respects and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, according to the statement.

The league will promote core socialist values among the youth and foster young Marxists in the new era in the next five years, it said.

The congress adopted a revision of the CYLC Constitution and incorporated into the league's action guide.

The CYLC is a mass youth organization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and currently has 81 million members nationwide.

(Source: Xinhua)