China launches largest and most advanced maritime patrol ves

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China launched its largest and most advanced maritime patrol vessel in South China's Guangzhou on Tuesday, which is expected to play an important role in improving maritime traffic management capabilities and safeguarding China's maritime rights and interests. 

The vessel - dubbed Haixun09 - was manufactured and launched by the CSSC Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Company, a subsidiary of the state-run China State Shipbuilding Cooperation (CSSC).

As the world's largest public service enforcement vessel, Haixun09 has far-reaching comprehensive command capabilities and global patrol and rescue functions, and is regarded as a dynamic platform for maritime patrol law enforcement, emergency command, and maritime pollution prevention command, China Ship News reported. 

Haixun09 will be managed by the Guangdong provincial maritime affairs authority when it enters service. 

Yan Peibo, the chief engineer in charge of Haixun09, told media that the construction of the vessel began in May 2019, and its main systems such as power and electricity have been fully installed. 

With a designed displacement of 10,700 tons and a length of 165 meters, the vessel can carry multiple types of helicopters and work in refueling, lifesaving and search operations. It can also navigate safely under grade nine sea conditions and grade 12 winds, Yan said. 

The vessel is equipped with a maritime database and multiple satellite systems, including BeiDou, facilitating the vessel in monitoring and early warning, information collection, processing and transmission, integrated command and maritime supervision, media reported.

The vessel is also capable of searching and rescuing persons as well as offering storage of emergency supplies. According to China Ship News, Haixun09 can provide professional assistance to ships in distress, such as bailing, plugging and discharging water, and provide simple medicines, instruments and surgical treatment to injured persons.

The Ministry of Transport's maritime affairs authority said they will speed up the building of maritime fleets with global navigation and far-reaching maritime operation capabilities, build "land, sea and air" integrated maritime traffic safety support facilities and equipment systems, and enhance the capability of far-reaching maritime service support, China Ship News reported.